Big Increase in Fire Services Levy

Friday 15 May 2015

Dear Editor

Home owners, businesses and farmers will face large increases in their property based Fire Services Levy (FSL), as a direct result of the Andrews Labor State Government.

In the State Budget for 2015-2016 there is a huge 7.2% increase in the FSL income which is 4 times the rate of inflation.

This means that Geelong and Surf Coast property owners will face large increases in their FSL, as a direct result of this decision by the Andrews Labor Government, to deliver an additional $42.1millon into the State coffers.

The Andrews Labor Government is proposing rate capping on Councils next year.  It is hypocritical to ask Councils to keep rate rises at or below CPI yet at the same time, the Government wishes to increase the FLS at 4 times the rate of inflation.

Prior to the 2014 State Election, Daniel Andrews and Labor promised there would be no increases in taxes and charges, so this big increase in the FSL being imposed on Victorian families and businesses is another Labor broken promise.

The Coalition Government introduced a fair and more equitable FSL system by scrapping the unfair insurance-based levy.  This ensured all Victorian property owners paid a fair and reasonable contribution to fund our fire services.

This massive increase will hurt struggling household budgets and make it harder for businesses across regional and rural Victoria in these challenging economic times.


Member for South Barwon