Victorian Flags

I am able to provide Victorian flags to schools, youth groups, churches and other not-for-profit or community organisations. Organisations eligible to receive flags must be voluntary, based on philanthropic motives and have a high profile in the community. Andrew Katos Flag

Eligible bodies include:

  • Schools;
  • Scout and Girl Guide groups;
  • Ex-service and senior citizens organisations;
  • Service clubs (e.g. Lions, Rotary and Jaycees);
  • Hospitals;
  • Churches;
  • Voluntary youth, sporting or philanthropic organisations of major community stature.


Due to the State Government’s guidelines for the provision of Victorian flags, I am unable to provide flags to individuals, overseas or interstate bodies, or Government bodies.

It is expected that organisations requesting a flag will display it on an exterior flagpole or at public meetings.

If your organisation would like a Victorian Flag, please use the Contact Andrew page to arrange a flag for your group.