Labor’s ‘Back to Work’ scheme nothing but a cruel hoax

Before the last State election Labor promised Victorians that they had a $100million “Back to Work” plan that would create 100,000 jobs.

Figures revealed yesterday show that this “plan” has only created 164 jobs.

In the Geelong region only 10 jobs have been created with not one job being created in the Bellarine electorate.

In South Barwon electorate only one job has been created and even this is not certain as the postcode of 3216 also includes parts of the Geelong electorate.

Labor’s response is to take money that has been budgeted for TAFE and pour more money into this scheme.

Quotes from Andrew Katos

“Daniel Andrews pitched the ‘Back to Work’ scheme along with Bay West as jobs saviours to the people of Geelong.”

“With only 10 jobs being created by ‘Back to Work’ and Bay West being ditched, Daniel Andrews has been exposed perpetrating a cruel hoax on Geelong workers and unemployed.”

“To compound matters, money that has been budgeted for TAFE is now being redirected into this dud scheme.”

“Daniel Andrews told us that we had a ‘TAFE crisis’ so why is his government taking money away TAFE to fund a dud scheme?”