Local company 36T has been awarded a $25,000 State Government Smart Design Voucher

Launched in 2013, the Smart Design Vouchers program provides practical assistance to Victorian companies to obtain relevant design research expertise to test and improve their products or services.

Member for South Barwon, Andrew Katos congratulated the company for being awarded the grant of $25,000 under the State Government’s Smart Design Voucher Program.

36T will work with Deakin University to design and prototype a new lightweight composite wheel set for high performance bicycles.

Mr Katos said “this grant demonstrated the Napthine Government’s comment to manufacturing in our region.”

“This grant will go a long way for the Torquay based 36T company to enable its continuation of innovation in a highly competitive sport”  said Mr Katos.

Minister for Innovation Louise Asher said the Government recognises the critical importance of design in driving economic and jobs growth and building a more prosperous future for Victoria.

“We are supporting the ongoing development of our state’s design capability through the $10 million Victorian Design Initiatives 2012-15 package,” she said.

“This commitment seeks to promote best practice design, grow awareness of design, build business capability and foster excellence in design skills.

“These initiatives are creating new opportunities for Victorian industry to be more innovative through design, and ensure a supply of skilled designers to drive future economic growth.”

Across Victoria, design generates annual revenue of $7.3 billion and earns the state more than $200 million in exports while 195,000 are employed in design-related roles across all industries.