More Geelong families waiting for housing under Labor

The waiting list of families seeking public housing in Geelong has already blown out under the Andrews Labor Government, with 50 more people waiting for housing compared to March this year.

Member for South Barwon, Andrew Katos MP said quarterly figures silently put online by the government showed a disturbing trend, with the state-wide waiting list almost hitting 35,000 people.

Mr Katos said he was concerned the public housing waiting list was going to blow out like it did under the last Labor government, when it reached around 41,000 people.

“History is repeating itself under the Andrews Labor Government,” Mr Katos said.

“The public waiting list had been steadily decreasing under the Coalition but it’s taken just six months for Labor to undo everything that had been achieved.

“Despite Daniel Andrews’ promise to reduce the waiting list for public housing, it has now blown out with over 50 people added in the Barwon region in the last six months alone.”

Mr Katos said the Andrews Labor Government’s 2015/16 Budget forecasts a net loss in public housing residences, which will only force more people onto the waiting list.

“With a budget now in deficit it is hard to see how Daniel Andrews will be able to afford to reverse this concerning trend,” Mr Katos said.

“Daniel Andrews should explain to local families and children waiting for public housing why they will wait even longer now for a home.”